vendredi 7 février 2014

L'Univers de Créatures mutantes de Laurie Hogin

Laurie Hogin est une artiste qui vit à Chicago. Ses œuvres nous plongent  au cœur d'un univers peuplé de créatures mutantes. Dans la tradition du Grotesque, Laurie peint de luxuriants portraits d'animaux dans un mélange de style hollandais et de cartoon.

Le site de l'artiste :

"My paintings range in size from the near-heroic to the diminutive. They take their window-like compositions from natural history dioramas and Western landscape, still life, and portraiture, combining visual strategies from the history of painting with contemporary visual conventions. Species are chosen for their allegorical associations in Western culture, but are depicted as degraded or mutant versions: they are the fluorescent colors of contemporary media landscapes. Their morphology resembles toys and cartoons as much as naturalistic specimens. The plants, animals, and objects depicted are the colors of our globalized economy, from the day-glo hues of big-box store commodities to the pixilated palettes of television and the Internet, as well as the colors of nationalist identity and political affiliation. Plant vines sprout berries that arrange themselves as psychoactive molecules and mushroom caps display emotional slogans; the landscape becomes an imagined nature’s literal embodiment of contemporary expressions of human desire and need." – Laurie Hogin