lundi 9 mai 2011

BILL DOMONKOS et son cinéma expérimental avec Jill Tracy, The Resident

Cinéma expérimental avec le talentueux Bill Domonkos.

Music by Jill Tracy, directed by Bill Domonkos

"The Unseen Sister", Histoire et musique par The Residents
Video par Bill Domonkos avec Gerri Lawlor
This is a video loop, intended to be ambient and designed for exhibition in a public space or gallery. This presentation runs through only a couple cycles, it is meant to loop indefinitely.
Visitation from Bill Domonkos on Vimeo.

Berenice from Bill Domonkos on Vimeo.

A meditation on the dimensionality of time, anxiety and the potentiality of fate. A combination of manipulated archive film footage, special effects and animation. Loosely inspired by the short story “Berenice” by Edgar Allan Poe.